"Our vision is to encourage and equip men to be Christ-like servant leaders in their home, church, and community."

Who We Are And What Is Our Mission?

Forging Disciples offers one-to-one mentoring to men, so their families can live in peace, intimacy, and model Christ to others. We exist to end family conflict and divorce.

Many men grew up with a father who was abusive, not engaged in their lives, who never affirmed their sons, and who perhaps abandoned their family. Such men are missing on how to be a loving husband, a father to their children. They do not know how to address their father-wounds and break this cycle.

The men we are focusing on are stressed out, disconnected from their wife, kids, friends and family. Anxiety and worry are ever present. They feel the pressure to solve all of their problems themselves. If they don’t know how to do that, they turn to distraction, whether it be substance abuse, pornography, or even adultery to get their mind off it. Their wives have lost faith in them, and they have lost faith in themselves. They may know about Jesus, but only from a distance, and aren’t gaining any of the power, peace and joy he offers.

In addition to one-one-one discipleship, Forging Disciples has a few other key initiatives:

  • Working with William Jessup University to disciple college students
  • Small church outreach in the greater Sacramento area. We partner with local churches who don’t have the resources to run an active men’s discipleship program.

Meet Our Team

"I consider Bill a strong man of God who has helped me with my walk with Jesus as my spiritual advisor and good friend. In addition, he is a great counselor, minister, example of Christ, and discipler." – Sam