Make a Life, Not a Living

Are you a "chip off the old block" or did you run away from anything having to do with your father? Your Heavenly Father is inviting you to forgive and make an abundant life in Him!

The Blessing of a True Friend

What defines a true friend vs. an acquaintance? And are you allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to love someone beyond being just their neighbor?

Why is Prayer Important?

Prayer is the greatest work, but our sin can hinder intimacy with God and the effectiveness of our prayers. How would you rank your spiritual discipline in prayer?

Faith During a Pandemic

How do you respond in a crisis? Do you run around in confusion and panic? or do you fix your eyes, mind, and heart on the reality of who Jesus is?

Being the Spiritual Leader of Your Family

What does it mean for a man to lead his family spiritually? Do you have these qualities to lead your family effectively and to God's glory?

Go and Make Disciples…

How do you love God? How do you love your neighbor as yourself? The greatest commandment is fundamental to understanding discipleship principles of yesterday and for today...

My journey to find purpose. What are YOU living for?

Is it to achieve the American Dream? Is it to enjoy life to the fullest? Or is it something else? Are you being honest with yourself?...With God?

Facing a Satanic Attack

Today we are living in a sensual age in which enticements are everywhere, and we could respond in several ways. Will we yield quickly without a struggle, successfully fight against it, try to resist but eventually give up, or make excuses for surrendering?


Are you willing to give Christ absolute surrender, even knowing it may mean giving up your life unto total dependence upon Him? Are you truly willing? Even unto death?

The 5 Killer Friends Every Man Needs To Thrive in Life

Do you have friends? No, really. Do you surround yourself with people that help you thrive in your journey? People who will tell you the truth when you can't see it? Or to challenge you to be the man God designed you to become?