Humility…Truly Relying on God

God wants us to be molded into the likeness of Christ. Are you allowing it or are you resisting it?

A Case for Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a defining quality of our relationship with God. He sent Jesus to Earth to forgive us of our sins. He also requires us to forgive others.

Deny Self

What does it mean to deny yourself and take up your cross daily?

Is Prayer a Priority?

Where does prayer fit into your life? An afterthought? A priority?

True Prayer/False Prayer

What are your prayers focused on? Bending God's will to your own, or bending your will to God's?

Why is Prayer Important?

True intimacy requires frequent and heartfelt conversation. Does your prayer-life reflect your desire to know Christ?

Strength Through Humility

Our greatest strength lies in surrendering ourselves to God. His goals. His dreams. His will.

Faith during a Pandemic

Jesus never worried. Instead, he trusted his Father. No matter the news of the day, Jesus waits patiently for us to turn our attention back to him.

Christians Were Made For Crisis

Crisis reveals character. What would Jesus have us do during the pandemic?

Prayers for the Pandemic

The pandemic has revealed yet again how little control we actually have in this world. In the face of uncertainty, worry, and fear, prayer is an appropriate response. Join us in praying for those who are helping to heal the sick and to stem the tide of Coronavirus.