A Case for Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a defining quality of our relationship with God. He sent Jesus to Earth to forgive us of our sins. He also requires us to forgive others. Hows that going?

Focus on the Who, Not the What

Thoughts become things. What you focus on becomes your reality. Keep your eyes firmly fixed on Jesus, and let the reality of his life become your beacon.

Worry vs. Faith (where are you?)

Tis the season to celebrate our Lord's birth. Not sure what gift to give Him? How about your complete and unequivocal trust?

Our Father Knows Best

Obedience is a sign of trust. But when we grab the wheel from the driver, we not only veer off-course, we also endanger everyone in the vehicle. Are you trusting our Heavenly Father with your life and everything in it?

The Privilege of Prayer

Incredibly, we have a direct line to the Creator of the universe. Are you taking advantage of God's open-door policy?

2019 Was A Blessed Year

What a year it's been! God has moved mightily in our lives and in the lives of the men we serve. Here are a few examples.

Glorify God by Giving Thanks

Giving gratitude is good for the giver, the receiver and it Glorifies God. Don't leave the gift of gratitude sitting unwrapped in your closet. Deliver it!

Are you Following Church or Christ?

One of the most dangerous mistakes that Christians make is to focus their faith on their church instead of their Christ.

Where is the Joy in Our Most Difficult Trials?

Our two-year-old son's illness and hospitalization was a huge blessing for our family. In the moments we felt most out of control, we found joy.

Raising Boys

It's our duty to raise our sons to be God-loving men. It's also our duty to stand in the gap for boys without dads.