Being the Spiritual Leader of Your Family

At the beginning of a national and global health crisis, leading your family through faith and wisdom is especially important. Are you being the spiritual leader your family needs?

The Self-Directed Man

Are you lost, and stubbornly trying to find your own way through life? Stop your foolishness, and ask our Father for directions.

Focus On The Who, Not The What

There are powerful distractions in your life that are pulling your focus off of Jesus. Don't allow that to happen. Amidst the storm, Jesus is the calm.

The Power of a Good Conscience

Forging Discipler Moe Smith shares a story of finding peace through making amends and being forgiven.

The Lies We’re Told

The world feeds us a constant diet of lies. Some of these lies have been repeated so often as to seem like facts. Which of these lies do you believe?

Prayers for our February 20th Gathering

Please pray for our upcoming Healing Father Wounds event on February 20th at William Jessup University.

Why Are You Living Small?

What is holding you back from going all-in with God? How can you stop letting your past hijack the most important relationship of your life?

Five Steps to Forgiveness

I'm an instruction manual guy. It's helpful for me to have a do-this-than-this guide for important projects. Here is a powerful set of steps on how to forgive, from Minister Charles Stanley.

Forgiving Someone Who Doesn’t Think They’re Wrong

Forgiving people who hurt us and loving our enemies are two of the hardest things that God expects of us. Here is some insight from John Piper on how to do both.

Life Isn’t Fair (Thank God!)

Imagine if life was truly fair and we got what we really deserved. Sounds terrifying to me. Luckily God isn't fair. Instead, He is a God of grace and mercy.