How to be the Spiritual Leader of your Family

Most of the problems in families today are caused by the husband being disconnected from God, and not being the spiritual leader of his family.

The Master of Your Temple

We get to choose what or who we put at the center of our life and worship. What do you choose?

My Daily Funeral

What does Jesus mean when he commands us to deny self and pick up our cross daily?

Make a Life, Not a Living

“We make a living by what we do; we make a life by what we give” Winston Churchill In the

Focus on the Who, Not the What

GOD morning men, The things we fix our eyes on become our reality.  Turn to God – keep your eyes fixed

A Miracle of Life for Semaj

God called me in 2006 into Del Paso Heights (DPH) to begin Freedom Hall, an initiative to mentor fatherless young

Good Doesn’t Get You To Heaven

Have you ever been told you’re going to hell?