Go and Make Disciples…

“The Great Commission”, is a chapter heading in the book of Matthew created by man, and many believe that it was meant only for the 11 disciples

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The 5 Killer Friends Every Man Needs To Thrive in Life

“The 5 Killer Friends Every Man Needs to Thrive in Life,” by Ben Weaver 1. The Truth Teller This is the guy who isn’t afraid to give you

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Why is Prayer Important?

Portions of this article are based on the writings of Dr. Charles Stanley. Prayer is one of the most important activities in our lives becaus

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Being the Spiritual Leader of Your Family

What does it mean for a man to lead his family spiritually? "God intended for marriage to represent the covenant love between Christ and his bride

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The Self-Directed Man

When I was young, men never stopped to ask for directions.  Today, this continues, not just with men, but women too! We're too proud, to admi

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Focus On The Who, Not The What

The things we fix our eyes on become our reality.  Turn to God – keep your eyes fixed on Jesus! Don’t let all the distractions of li

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The Power of a Good Conscience

“I’m a thief.” Those are very hard words to say. Yet I knew I had to say them. After experiencing the saving grace of Christ in college, I was

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The Lies We’re Told

Which of these lies do you believe? The world tells us that the pursuit of the American dream is our highest calling. God tells us that our highes

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Prayers for our February 20th Gathering

There is nothing on Earth with the power to transform lives like forgiveness. Forgiveness softens our hearts and releases us from the weight of guilt

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Why Are You Living Small?

What is stopping you from fully submitting and committing to God? You believe that Christ is your Lord and Savior. You believe that God loves you

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