I knew that Christ was my Lord and Savior, but I didn’t have a personal relationship with Him. I used Him as my spare tire, not my steering wheel. I prayed daily to thank Him for my blessings, and I asked Him for help in times of great need, but I didn’t talk to Him much besides that.

My relationship with Christ really started to grow when I started being discipled by a mature Christian man, Bill Coibion. From Bill, I began to learn to pray with great passion and meaning. I also began looking at how Christ showed up in my life every day, and how He was there for me… I just needed to lean on Him and ask Him for help.

One way this changed my life was in my marriage. Instead of just trying to be a more patient, less defensive man when I had a conflict with my wife, I asked the Holy Spirit to come and fill me because I couldn’t do it myself. He immediately showed up, THAT NIGHT, and changed the energy and dynamic between me and my wife. Praise God!

My wife and I were blessed to have met Bill and Lee at Creekside Church over 20 years ago. Little did I know the journey that the Lord had in mind for Bill and I….
I have been privileged to see the Lord work in Bill’s life to transition his skill set from the business world to that of truly serving others. Whether at a church, PointMen, men’s group, Shoulder to Shoulder or individually, he has made himself available for whatever the Lord has in mind. His driving passions are discipleship and knowing Jesus!

Bill has challenged me in ways only a true brother in Christ could. He has encouraged me to grow spiritually over the years without ever making me feel like an inadequate Christian. Because of Bill, I learned the importance of quiet time with the Lord, prayer and spending time reading my Bible more often. Bill’s willingness to ask the hard questions has helped to hold me accountable.
God has changed my life through Bill. I’m forever grateful for God placing Bill in my life at just the right time.

Bill Coibion has been a strength of support in my walk with Christ over the last 18 years, from our days in a large church men’s ministry (where Bill was the men’s pastor) to pouring time into fatherless young boys in Del Paso Heights, Sacramento. He has been relentless in his pursuit of me when it comes to helping me find my identity in Christ. I am grateful for his passion for men and for the vision God placed on his heart to “shepherd men to be leaders in their homes, churches, and communities”.

When we were going through a very difficult time in our marriage, Bill walked alongside my husband and me. He showed us that God had a beautiful plan for our lives and our marriage. Bill met with my husband but realized that our family was in crisis. Bill and his family loved our family as Christ loved us.

Bill ran into our lives when most people were evacuating due to the amount of damage we were dealing with. I learned a great deal about Jesus when Bill came into our lives. I learned that no matter what happened before, where we came from, or the brokenness in our hearts and souls, God could redeem the mess we had made. Bill showed us that it could all be redeemed through the life-saving blood of Jesus Christ.

We will always be eternally grateful for Bill helping us and I know Bill would give all the glory to Jesus. Thank you, Bill!

I met Bill Coibion twelve years ago while I was Principal of Martin Luther King Junior High School (MLK). He was one of many pastors who visited MLK. My school had many very serious problems stemming from extreme fatherlessness (90%), which was destroying their future. Bill developed and implemented Freedom Hall at MLK for my 7th and 8th grade boys. This initiative mentored the young boys and provided care for their moms. I saw the lives of my boys changed, and the atmosphere on campus turned more positive with much less fighting, hostility and drugs on campus. Grades escalated while detentions and unapproved absences declined. All in all, a wonderful outcome on campus.

I consider Bill a strong man of God who has helped me with my walk with Jesus as my spiritual advisor and good friend. In addition, he is a great counselor, minister, example of Christ, and discipler.

I am forever indebted to Bill for his influence in my life and the lives of hundreds of my boys at MLK.