Our vision is to encourage and equip men to be Christ-like servant leaders in their home, church, and community.

We work to fulfill this vision primarily through expanding discipleship in the Greater Sacramento region.

We disciple men one-to-one, teaching them the spiritual disciplines to love God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength, and love their neighbors as they love themselves.

Men are introduced to God’s transformational process of studying His Word, remembering what God has said, and applying it in his daily life. They are guided to have a quiet time with God each morning, which includes praying the Lord’s Prayer, meditation on His Word, and listening to what God is saying to him.

Our approach goes beyond filling in blanks on a sermon outline or a bible study. The accountability we provide our men increases their ability to transform into the men God desires them to be.

As a result of discipleship, our men, who used to act impatient and angry, start acting more patient and loving. Anxiety turns to confidence, and fear is replaced by courage.

Our disciple’s wives have experienced renewed love and admiration from their husbands and have witnessed his relationship with his children become more caring, genuine, and frequent.

"Bill ran into our lives when most people were evacuating due to the amount of damage we were dealing with. I learned a great deal about Jesus when Bill came into our lives. I learned that no matter what happened before, where we came from, or the brokenness in our hearts and souls, God could redeem the mess we had made. Bill showed us that it could all be redeemed through the life-saving blood of Jesus Christ." – Rhonda